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 Bar Maggiore - Hotel in BolognaRight behind the reception desk, in front of the fabulous wall portraying the San Luca Portico, there is the Bar Maggiore, a comfortable corner perfect for a quiet working coffee break, for happy hours at the end of a busy day, for a game of chess or cards, to watch sports events or to read a good book. 

A corner where you can drink something with gusto, have a break or some light snacks.

There you will find a selection of regional wines (traditional or organic), as well as soft drinks and national or international spirits, both classic and "alternative".

The attention to the quality of the products and to the values that they represent are a key feature that we are trying to give to our bar, in order to provide a pleasant and relaxing experience to our guests and to try to support emerging craft productions.

At the bar of the Hotel Maggiore, next to the Hospital of Bologna we try to fulfil everybody’s needs, providing also vegan and gluten-free products to guests asking or them.

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