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Salaborsa library

hotel biblioteca salaborsa bologna in arrivoThe latest restoration works of Salaborsa library allowed bringing to life a rich heritage of archaeological findings that can be viewed by all tourists and visitors thanks to the clear floor of the current Piazza Coperta. From the Villanovans, to the Etrurian Felzna, up to the Roman Bononia, a tour at Salaborsa library will allow you to see the results of the stratification of various civilizations that occupied the Bolognese territory throughout the centuries.

Some traces of public and religious buildings bear witness to how the space where Salaborsa library  is now located was once the beating heart of the Bolognese city life.

Destined to public functions in Roman age, Salaborsa library  is located in an area that underwent multiple transformations over time: during the Middle Ages, a general impoverishment of the territory led to a remarkable reduction of civil buildings, until the recovery of the 13th century, period in which the area underwent a new renovation phase.

In particular, the last historic period is characterised by the presence of civic buildings made with prestigious materials and high architectural standing, mainly belonging to Ghibelline families among which, we shall remember, the family of the jurist and law expert Francesco Accursio, who gave the name to the historic municipal building.

In the mid 13th century, the area of Salaborsa library underwent another transformation which consisted in the total demolition of the previous remains and erection of a building in late-Romanic style, of which we remember today the suggestive arcade facing the square.

Afterwards, in the last decades of the 20th century, the building became the seat of municipal administrative offices. The restoration works of the area only began in 1999, in view of the upgrading project of  Parco Urbano di Piazza Maggiore which finally marks the new use of Salaborsa library as place of culture and knowledge.

The last renovation works concerning Salaborsa library respected the pre-existing structure that developed in over seven centuries of history: today, visitors can admire the various stages along the suspended walkway that stands as a historic itinerary to view the archaeological excavations below the crystal floor.

Starting from the wall perimeter of the Renaissance tank made by Terribilia, nickname conferred to a group of architects belonging to the same family, mainly active in the 16th century and, in addition to the foundations of the Roman basilica, it is possible to see the star-shaped bath, once located at the centre of the garden and symbol of the cultural significance of the new Salaborsa library.

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