Hospital – Hotel near the Ospedale Maggiore

Hospital – Hotel Near The Ospedale MaggioreThe Hotel Maggiore Bologna is really close to the Ospedale Maggiore and has always been a reference point for whom is searching a place to stay thereabouts: patients, relatives of patients, doctors, nurses or specialist working at the hospital, they all can ask the Hotel Maggiore for a place to stay, so that their visit to the city can be more comfortable.

The Ospedale Maggiore "Carlo Alberto Pizzardi" is part of the Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale of Bologna, the national healthcare system. Built in 1955, nowadays it is a modern hospital, where patients from all over Italy come. It has a helipad and is very close to the headquarters of AVIS (Association of Voluntary Italian Blood Donors) and the Italian Red Cross.

Transports: many TPER routes connect the Ospedale Maggiore to the Railway Station and the historic centre. Our hotel is near the Ospedale Maggiore (only 300 metres away), we provide free indoor parking and the hospital can be easily reached by foot.

If you need further information on public transport: TPER

At the Hotel Maggiore we have special rates and conditions for our guests who came for medical examinations, follow-up visits or to assist relatives in the hospital.

Hospital Special Rates

At the Hotel Maggiore we apply an 8% discount on our rates in classic rooms, breakfast included and half board upon request.

At the Hotel Maggiore Bologna we are happy to fulfil specific requirements, we provide tailored services to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

For longer stays we remind you of the Apartment Hotel option

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