Salaborsa library

Opened in 2001 inside Palazzo d’Accursio, set of the Township of Bologna, Salaborsa library faces Piazza Nettuno and is the cultural centre of the city...

Tours and guided visits

In order to truly understand the identity of Bologna, the development of its history and the meaning of the art spread...

Five things to see in Bologna

Bologna, with its chaotic look is a mix of cultures, styles, curiosities and flavours. It is difficult to choose only five...

Five things to eat in Bologna

Bologna is famous worldwide for the excellent wine and food products of its territory...

A weekend in Bologna

If you are planning a weekend in Bologna, you can forget home the umbrella, but take a pair of comfortable shoes!

Basilicas of Bologna

Windows, frescos and crypts: a tour of the basilicas of Bologna allows you to dive in the past and contemplate some of...

Main Historic Buildings in Bologna

Thanks to the rich heritage of architectural styles, Bologna buildings are a suggestive proof of the history of Emilia’s chief town. Currently, some of these are  open to...

Archaeological Civic Museum of Bologna

The Archaeological Civic Museum of Bologna hosts a rich collection of historic and artistic findings that attract tourists...

National Art Gallery of Bologna

Built in the early 19th century as place to collect the works of the Academy of Fine Arts, the National Art Gallery of Bologna is currently preserving some of the...

Quadrilatero market in Bologna

The Quadrilatero Market in Bologna is the core of the craft and merchant tradition of the city, of which we can still admire the traces today. Located in a central area of Bologna, between via Rizzoli, via...

Underground Bologna: memories from Bologna’s subsoil

Despite being still unknown by most visitors and tourists, underground Bologna is one of the most suggestive and charming...

Bolognese culinary traditions: mortadella

Among the most renowned  and appreciated cold cuts, mortadella bolognese is a real symbol of the city’s gastronomic excellence...

Bolognese culinary traditions: tortellini

Typical product of Emilia, which represents the long gastronomic tradition of the region, tortellino is one of the most famous and imitated egg pastas all over the world...

The Bolognese food tradition: friggione and green sauce

Celebrations have been the occasion to rediscover family traditions and the warmth of grandparents’ love...

Patience has its limits. No Patience in Bologna.

Those who remember or heard about the '77 events, Bologna is symbol of student protests and Dams is the ideological...

Three special destinations to discover Bologna in autumn with a touch of romanticism

The first leaves begin twirling on the streets of Bologna and when the season forces you to leave the sandals, the city charm finds a vibrant echo among the red of bricks and the red of the trees that lose their leaves for the winter.

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BOLOGNA: Your Destination

Bologna: the learned, the fat, the red. A city that represents a kaleidoscope of cultures, styles, curiosities and flavors.
Here are some unmissable stops during your stay in the Emilian capital.


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