Charging column for electric cars in Bologna

colonnina ricarica auto elettriche bigJust to embrace this new concept of mobility and autonomy, we at Hotel Maggiore have put at your disposal a column dedicated to charging electric cars in Bologna conveniently located in our parking lot.
A provision made in the interest of both the client and the environment: the introduction of a charging column for electric cars in Bologna at our hotel is only the reflection of a company philosophy dedicated to a service of excellence also in terms of eco-sustainability.

How does our electric car charging station in Bologna work?
Do you have an electric car? You just have to park it at our car park where you will find our special column dedicated to charging electric cars in Bologna: leave the car in the evening and you can easily find it charged the next morning, ready to accompany you among the magnificent views of Bologna without too many thoughts!
Our charging station for electric cars in Bologna allows you to feed up to two cars at the same time, but above all, it gives you the opportunity to save time and energy on travel during your visit to the city.

Recharge for electric cars in Bologna: the new frontier of sustainable mobility
Sustainable mobility is synonymous with efficiency, communication and freedom: concepts that we at Hotel Maggiore want to provide you through an easy support system without ever losing sight of the human and ecological aspect.
Through our column dedicated to charging electric cars in Bologna, we aim to provide you with a specific type of service, thanks to which you can take advantage of a guarantee of sustainable mobility that ensures quality and safety for both you and the environment.

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